In the title of this blog I use the words ‘return’ and ‘back’, however I haven’t really gone anywhere. Approximately 1 year ago I stopped blogging as a result of a call to pay attention to life. Life whispered to me and based on my previous experiences with the amazing intelligence of the universe I decided to pay attention. And so, I stopped blogging, I rested, I played with the idea of going back to school, I took a class or 2, I painted, I wrote; I simply paused. How quickly a year goes by and how quickly things change. It really is amazing.

After this past winter, I felt the yearning to come back home, to roots that would nurture me and remind me that the world has potential; the world IS potential. I have been called back to the space of health, wellness, balance. spiritual awakening again, although I believe it is never something one really leaves. I’ll say that there is simply a time and place for everything. I recognize the calling and I heed it, respectfully – N (June 6, 2016).

It is often that I wonder about the desire for change in my life. I think we all do that from time to time – or daily, like me. I am okay with admitting this, that I want a shift away from the humdrum, ordinary, daily grind that delivers me from wake to sleep. What many of us don’t want to talk about or admit is our fear of repercussions if we improve our lives. What will the people across the street say! What where their names again?

The kind of repercussions I am talking about has to do with us making other people feel uncomfortable, never mind OUR current discomfort at the sad state of our own lives. I beg of you, put those people aside for a moment, pretend they don’t factor in just for a second (humour me). And if you are the one who is judging, you really need to get out of your own way. Step aside, dear.

What if you did what moves you? What if you started to  paint landscapes because it connected you to your higher self? What if you left that job you absolutely hate for another that paid less but made you insanely happy? How about taking that ball room dancing class because you are obsessed with Dancing with the Stars and it made your every Monday night? What if? Why don’t we take it further and actually do those things that elevated our lives? Living authentically sounds nice, but it makes us feel like it would attract so much judgment from other people. So I suggest that we stop caring what so and so thinks of us and just be happy doing what we do.

I would even argue that if we DON’T live authentically that our spirits would just dry up and fizzle out prematurely. Heard of depression? Anyone?

More specifically, I am not talking about giving into your every desire or dark thought. I am talking about the elevation of your life and the lives of others. This is a revolution of sorts, a personal declaration of freedom to enjoy and live your life fully, the life that Life intended for you to experience.

Let’s be bold, let’s choose boldly. Without fear, without shame, live the life that represents Life in the best way, whatever that means for you in your space. The alternative?

The alarm clock will buzz tomorrow morning (maybe) and your pretty little eyes will flutter open. What then?





A natural extension of the question what is fear is where does fear come from? Fear is a manifestation of our minds and our minds are part of the greater system of things. Some people call this system Consciousness, The All or God. I call it Life.  Essentially, fear is built into the fabric of our lives as educator, teacher and saint. It is a concept that exists in the greater system, life, which gives meaning to our growth. It helps to underscore the point of each of the lessons we come to know while we reside in our bodies. So fear then, is a necessary part of life; notes jotted into the subtext of the human manuscript that become an integral part of the story.

 There are 2 major ways in which fear comes to us and that is through the natural, animalistic concept of fight or flight and the idea of tribalism and learned behaviour.

As animals we have a reptilian brain that evolved to protect our physical selves. When an animal senses danger its fight or flight senses kick in and it either decides to stay and face the alleged danger or run – both in an effort to stay alive. This is a natural instinct that all humans possess and explains our physical, visceral experience with fear, those feelings of anxiety that ache within us.

As humans continued to evolve we retained the ability to sense immediate danger (fight or flight) but we also learned to react in fear to ideas of conformity. This is a consequence of living within a group or hierarchy. As humans developed societies we learned to accept our places within them, even if we felt fundamentally counter to the status quo. In India for example there existed the Caste system (a classist hierarchy). At the top end were the privileged few such as the nobility and priests (Brahmins) and at the bottom end were workers and those that served the upper crust (Non-Brahmins), in the middle were the myriad of gradations. What would happen if a non-Brahmin aspired to be a Brahmin? Well, it would be outside of the accepted guidelines of society and there would be a problem, on the level of rules and dogma. But the calling to rise above one’s current situation resides in a realm outside of rules and dogma. It speaks to the inner-most desires of every human being to know who they truly are. When one’s inner most light is dimmed by tradition, rules, etiquette, maniacal oppression and the like, fear is created as a reactionary by-product. It is this inner fight or flight that creates feelings of fear that rot us from the inside out.

In the 3rd and final installment of this blog I will be talking about the opposite (antidote?) of fear: LOVE.


This short series of 3 blogs is for anyone who has suffered and thought they did so in vain – you did not!


Fear is a feeling that every human on earth has experienced. Whether for a fleeting moment, a day, a year or a lifetime we have all felt its searing pain. We personally know its insidious manifestation in our minds that travel down to our chests and light up our bellies with dread and darkness. We double over and somehow, despite our resistance to it, we become recipients of its poison – even if for the briefest of moments. Fear feels very real to us, so much so that we begin to doubt our good judgement and push away its companion and opposite: love. Beyond a shadow of a doubt fear begins to rule us if we don’t understand its purpose in our lives.

Love = Soul Food

Love = Soul Food

So, what is fear?  The Oxford Canadian Dictionary defines fear as an unpleasant emotion caused by exposure to danger or the expectation of pain. According to this definition fear has nothing to do with what is actually happening in the moment. Rather, it is about our anxieties and endless ruminations about what is yet to come. In a nutshell: we are in angst over our thoughts about things that don’t exist and might never even occur. The evidence does not back up the claim which makes fear a fascinating illusion. The paradox is that the illusion of fear affects our lives in the most profound and unexpected ways.

In my next post I will be talking about where fear actually comes from. 




I am loving my post cleanse look, feel and lightness! My post nasal drip has dramatically cleared and my energy levels are noticeably up. No more under eye circles and my vision for the future (and calmness in the present) is clear and bright.


A cleanse does not have to be restrictive in the least. You canobtain the nutrients you need in tasty ways and still effectively reset your internal system. I was able to have 2 filling liquid meals for breakfast and dinner (with an important 12 hour window between each) and a lunch meal of 80% greens and 20% protein and fat. If I needed a snack, nuts or raw veggies hit the spot. A few key supplements like an anti-microbial, digestive enzyme and probiotics rounded out the regime. Oh, and water, water, water!

My biggest success? NO SUGAR CRAVINGS. The apple I had today was just enough for my taste buds – incredible. I wonder now about my first taste of the sweet stuff…I am staying the clean course!

So post cleanse I felt creative and decided to whip up a batch of curry powder (gluten-free and organic). Time well spent and a great, present-moment activity.

Curry Powder Jan 2015

In this creative space I am digesting the previous 21 days, planning my future and most importantly living RIGHT NOW. I look forward to a re-launch of my consultations in February, planning new seminars and events in 2015 and learning as much as I can about holistic health and the process of deep healing and sharing it with all of you. More to come very soon! – Nick.

Green Juice January 20th - Kale, apples, celery and parsley.

Green Juice January 20th – Kale, apples, celery and parsley.

Well, here I am at day 18 of my detox! 3 more days to go and then I transition into a healthy eating pattern. I generally eat well, but sugar has always been my Achilles heal, so sugar is my challenge (opportunity) going forward.  Although I have not eaten processed sugar in years, I have an affinity for honey, stevia, maple syrup, molasses, carbs, you name it! You can call it by many different names but it all breaks down to the same thing: SUGAR. I am proud to say that I have managed to sensitize my taste buds to recognize any sugar in food. At this point, a carrot is super sweet and I could not be happier. This means that my insulin can work effectively to escort the sugar that my body metabolizes safely into my cells for energy. If I were to continue eating sugar excessively, my poor pancreas could not keep up and I would eventually, like so many diabetics, be in a state of insulin resistance and a state of obesity.

A lunch of lentils, split pea soup and sauteed chard - and a good book!

A lunch of lentils, split pea soup and sauteed chard – and a good book!

Juice Glass Jan 20I do recognize that as human beings, we have a need to have sugar, natural sugar. Sugar provides energy and has a place in our diet. The issue is with processed sugar and excessive sugar – 2 points to keep in mind.

Reminding you that my diet for 18 days has consisted of a shake for breakfast, a healthy lunch of veggies, lentils, clean meats (no grains) and a shake or soup for dinner with a 12 hour fasting window between dinner and breakfast. When peckish, which has been very infrequent, I will eat raw veggies like half a carrot or celery with nut butter. I love this cleanse because it is not about starving yourself, it is about adding incredible nutrients to promote well-being and weight loss.

The supplements on this cleanse are equally important because they promote detoxification and boost your nutrient intake. They include a good, multi-strain probiotic, an antimicrobial (ie, wormwood), lemon (liver support), turmeric (liver support) and a B vitamin complex (energy).  I have also added vitamin C as my go to antioxidant and selenium and zinc for immune support. Lots of good, filtered water (alkaline or reverse osmosis) is recommended for hydration and to diffuse all of those supplements throughout the body. Sipping is good, but I always seem to chug my water by the glass!

Clean Book

I will be posting again in a few days to tell you about how I am feeling post cleanse and also to describe my experiences with IV vitamin therapy and my post-detox colonic.





.Clean Book

Detox Day 3 – So far so good. Breakfast was a smoothie of avocado, blueberries, hemp protein and some other goodies and supplements. Lunch was lentil soup and steamed broccoli. I did some light walking on the treadmill to help the detox process along with some light yoga. Dinner will be around 7pm and I’ll probably whip up another smoothie (as opposed to soup) with vanilla protein (Vega) and berries. My snack was a very stringent green juice - however SUPER cleansing as it contained some excellent veggies: kale, broccoli stems, parsnips, celery, parley and ginger. Still wiping off my green moustach as I write this! Feeling great and looking forward to day 4…



JuiceJuice Mustache

Clean Book

 The CLEAN cleanse

I have decided to do a 21 day cleanse as part of my ongoing journey towards optimal health and well-being. I hesitate to even call what I am about to undertake a CLEANSE or DETOX because it has become so trendy and taken for granted within the last 10 years or so. The truth is, humans have been actively doing cleanses for thousands of years as part of overall wellness regimes. We do them to draw out the toxins that accumulate in our bodies so that we can absorb nutrients in full and experience the incredible lightness of being – it’s as simple as that. The benefit of feeling well is extraordinary and if you have never felt truly well, then it is about time you do a cleanse!

Our bodies, in fact, are designed to naturally cleanse itself via our kidneys, liver, skin and lungs. In our modern world where pesticides are sprayed on our crops, factories billow smoke and processed foods create addictions and its direct offshoot obesity, our bodies are inundated with poisons. Doing active cleanses can release the burden that modern society has created.

Cleansing is not about deprivation – unfortunately the two ideas have been paired up and married off for years. A divorce is definitely in order. I could not complete a 21 day cleanse only drinking thin juices and meditating for 23 hours a day. In addition to being a bore, I would be HUNGRY and IRRITABLE to say the least.

The cleanse I am undertaking consists of 2 liquid meals a day (smoothies at breakfast and dinner) and 1 hearty meal at lunchtime, 80 % of which must contain greens (kale, chard, broccoli, etc) and 20% protein and healthy fat. I love veggies, lentils, smoothies and nuts so I am actually liking the foods I am allowed to eat. The foods I will be avoiding are sugar, dairy, gluten, grains, soy and caffeine. I currently do not eat any dairy or gluten, so that will be a seamless transition for me.  The 3 big challenges for me will be snacking (i’m a grazer), sugar (honey addict) and caffeine (once I get going I don’t stop until i’m dehydrated). I need this cleanse!

The plan also entails some specific supplements that include an antimicrobial, digestive enzymes, probiotics, a B-complex and a few others. I will be throwing in some IV vitamin treatments, colon hydro-therapy and a massage to help the process along. Getting sufficient sleep is also important, at least 8-9 hours nightly.

The name of the cleanse is appropriately called CLEAN, designed by Dr. Alejandro Junger ( See the website for additional details or pick up the book of the same title. There is also a companion recipe book with all of the clean foods your are permitted to eat.

I am excited to challenge myself with this cleanse. I am hoping for physical results, but also increased mental acuity and  spiritual lessons as well. I truly believe that when you undertake any journey of self transformation you will receive its teachings in a multitude of ways. The physical representation that I am naming ‘cleanse’ is really just a metaphor for ultimate change extending outward and inward in all directions.

I will do my best to write as many blogs as I can during the process, so keep in touch!





I have been juicing a lot recently in an effort to boost my immune system during the cold, winter months. I started juicing a lot of carrots and apples only to find that the sweetness in those juices was to much for my liking. In addition to that , I am sure my insulin levels where way up there. Aware of this, I made a conscious decision to gradually green my green juice by adding more green, low-glycemic vegetables. I began to add kale, parsley and celery. Immediately I tasted the earthy green in these newer juices and really connected to the earth – a feeling of intense gratitude. Overall, what do green juices do for your body? A few benefit are that they are very alkaline (disease cannot live in an acidic body), it gives you immediate nutrient uptake and detoxes the body from head to toe. Remember to drink your juice within 20 minutes and no more than 12 hours after you process it. I drink mine immediately for maximum benefit. Drink your juice! – Nick.


In the juice below I used parsley, celery, ginger and a few granny smith apples – perfect balance between veggies and fruits for an amazing tasting juice :)

Green Juice Green Juice 2